5 Things a father should plan in advance for daughter’s wedding

As a father, you have been there for every milestone in your daughter’s life and her wedding is another such milestone that you are going to be a part of. As the father of the bride, you will have several duties to fulfil before you walk your daughter down the aisle. Some of these duties need to be fulfilled well in advance while the others may need to be done a few weeks prior to the wedding. The days leading up to the wedding are emotionally charged, but as the father of the bride you must plan for these things before the wedding.

Wedding Budget

One of the most important things that one should plan in advance is the budget for your daughter’s wedding. From the day you become a father to a daughter, you’ll always keep thinking about the day she grows up to be successful and get married to the love of her and prepare yourself for the same. There are certain things you may want for your daughter’s wedding keeping in mind her expectations. You must start saving and investing early for her wedding depending upon your financial condition so that by the time she does get married, you have enough saved in your bank account to have a good celebration.

Wedding details

As the father of a daughter, you must keep yourself updated about the wedding details so that you can help out with the arrangements for the wedding. Details such as who is the best wedding planner in town, what kind of jewellery your daughter likes, whether she likes coloured gemstones or lab grown diamond rings, which is a good wedding venue and who is the best wedding caterer and decorators will have to be decided and you will be asked for your valuable inputs and suggestions.

Tuxedo for the occasion

The father usually escorts the bride up to the altar and therefore is expected to dress impeccably for the big day. In the frenzy for the wedding preparation, shopping for your own outfit may seem very trivial but doing it is extremely vital. Therefore, take time out to visit the tailor and shop for comfortable and stylish footwear and accessories to match with your outfit.

Father Daughter dance

It is tradition for the father and daughter to have a special dance at the wedding reception. Take this opportunity to spend some quality time with your daughter preparing and practicing for the dance. You can choose a song together and practice dancing on it a few days before the wedding. You can also opt for professional dance lessons to be more prepared for the big day.

Toast for the wedding

The father of the bride is expected to raise a toast to the newly weds. Since the wedding day will be an emotional day for you, you might not get the words spontaneously on that day. Therefore, it is better that you prepare the toast well in advance just like how you prepare the wedding rings London in advance. Make sure that you read it aloud and practice it before the wedding day.

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