5 Ways to Benefit From Corporate Travel Packages

If you’re a frequent business traveler, you understand everything about planning a trip. From flights to meals, everything is usually prepared in advance. Your employer may use a package to simplify corporate travel when traveling for work. Corporate travel packages are beneficial because they often help a business save money.

Although, it’s essential to remember that long-term corporate travel packages can still have hidden costs. It’s not just a matter of what’s included and what isn’t. As a frequent traveler, it’s up to you to get the best value out of every dollar.

Here are some benefits of corporate travel packages. Plus, we offer advice on getting the best bang for your buck.

1. Stay in a Discounted Hotel Room

Stretch your money by using a corporate package that offers discounted hotel rooms. The hotel room may come either with or without meals.

Staying in a hotel for work can help you get more for your money. But, at the same time, look into what that room will cost on its own.

A corporate travel package can offer rooms at special rates. So, check with your company before signing up for anything. Also, keep in mind that hotels vs motels also significantly impact costs. So, with the right package, you can be assured that you’ll have free food, internet, and other amenities.

2. Save on Gym Fees

When you’re on the road for a while, it’s easy to forget about maintaining your exercise routine. However, with a corporate travel package, you can solve that problem. Many corporations offer discounted gym memberships to employees who spend more than 30 days away from home.

Make sure to use the services provided when you’re away from home so as not to gain extra expenses. Although, if there’s a particular gym you’d instead go to, you may be able to expense it.

Assuming you use the gyms affiliated with the package, take advantage of this! Staying active during business travel allows you to keep up with your fitness during breaks.

3. Conserve Water and Electricity

With a corporate travel package, you might live out of a hotel room for a while. However, even if the hotel is a part of the package, you may still be in charge of paying for some utilities.

Try out some “green” alternatives to conserve water and electricity. For example, if you don’t exercise daily, you may not need to shower every day. If so, using a wet washcloth or wipes to clean yourself every once in a while can save you money.

As for electricity, try to cut back on your TV watching. You’d be surprised how much electricity you can use binge-watching a show! Running your computer with it plugged in also results in much electricity usage. If possible, charge it up at a coffee shop to reduce your electricity.

These strategies can keep you from incurring significant charges in your hotel room.

4. Get Paid to Go to Lunch

Getting paid to go to lunch is one of the great benefits of corporate travel packages. Many companies encourage employees to take time for personal development and business meetings. So you can have meetings while eating meals occasionally. Using this time wisely, you can get more for your money than you could do outside of it.

So, if you plan to do a lot of work while eating, take advantage of this package perk!

5. Better Control of Travel Policies

A corporate travel package can also help a business control its travel policies better. While on a business trip, make sure you’re well informed of all travel policies. Even though your company’s policies streamline everything for employees, you still may run into some issues.

For example, things can change at the last minute while away on business. Unfortunately, this may mean you have to change your plans and miss out on a birthday or anniversary. While most companies offer insurance if this happens, they often don’t cover everything.

So, ensure you understand your company’s policies and stay on top of the packages.


In closing, do your best to get the most out of your time away from home. If your company has a package, ensure you know what it entails. Check with your employer before signing up for anything. And find ways to save on expenses while you’re out of town.

By taking advantage of the perks of a travel package, you can enjoy all the benefits of being away from home without losing money.

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