9 Tips To Get Running In Summer

1. Make a list of goals.

Ask yourself why you want to run away. Maybe this summer you want to lose weight, reduce stress, normalize or run well. What do you expect from your racing experience? Well-planned work will guide and encourage you.

2. Strategy development

Whether your goal is to complete your first race or beat yourself as much as you can. You must have a plan or you may find yourself at a dead end.

You have two options: find a clear roadmap from scratch. Or ask a certified running coach to come up with a custom plan.

The standard plan is free and aims to cover a certain distance within a specified period. Many runners have used these schemes successfully. Verify that it is developed by experts. And you understand the logic behind each session. This will allow you to make small adjustments to your weekly schedule and your progress.

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Once your software is properly designed for your purposes. Nothing can stop you from having bad weather, especially since there are so many tools out there that will help you get better. We are thinking of trade mills, especially for jogging. This is great for extra training when the weather is nice. (See our reviews of Weslo Race or NordicTrack brands.)

3. Miss Club

Running alone can be one of life’s greatest joys. Running with others is a great way to get excited, make new friends, and discover new areas to explore.

Now you can find free running groups in almost every city. Many operating companies organize several running groups each week.

You can join a running club in your area. You do not have to be a runner to participate. They welcome people of all skill levels.

4. Looking ahead

Do not stare at your feet. Your eyes should be fixed on the ground 5 or 10 meters in front of you. This sprint is as good as the sprint. With safe operation because you can see what’s ahead and avoid falling.

Do you keep your chin forward while running? This puts a lot of pressure on the neck and shoulder muscles. Which can cause tension, keep your head above your shoulders with your ears so that your head does not bend forward.

5. Keep your hands at waist level.

Keep your hands at waist level. Near hip cutting site. Your arms are bent at a 90-degree angle to your elbows.

6. Your hands should be comfortable.

When running, keep your arms and hands as comfortable as possible. Avoid pressing your fists with your hands.

7. Keep the currency upright.

Make sure you are not leaning forward or backward. As some runners do when they get tired. Check your currency from time to time. When you get tired at the end of your race, it is normal to give up. This can cause pain in the neck, shoulders, and lower back. Spread your chest when you see yourself bending over.

8. You should rest your shoulders.

Your shoulders should not bend. But relax, if your shoulders are relaxed you will breathe easily. Check your shoulder position regularly to make sure it is still loose.

9. Swing your arms from shoulder to shoulder.

Keep your arm away from your shoulder joint, not your elbow, and think like a pendulum swinging your arm over your shoulder. Bend your elbows back and forth.

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