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Benefits of Visiting a Family Dentist 

It has been estimated that as many as 13% of children in the US today have cavities that are not being treated. But kids are not the only ones needing proper teeth care. While 85% of children have visited the dentist in the past year, the same can be said for only 65% of adults. Even if you are an adult looking for a cosmetic dentist in Leesburg VA, a family dentist most likely offers cosmetic services.

Staying up-to-date with your dental checkups is essential to long-lasting healthy teeth. To do this, choose a reliable family dentist in North Virginia. By visiting a family dentist, you can ensure everyone gets the regular dental care they need. And, even if you are looking for dental implant dentists in Ashburn VA, a family dentist can help. 

In the following article, we will explore some of the most important benefits of Leesburg Dental Care.  

1. Ease and Convenience 

Whether you have a large family or a single child, taking everyone to their dental appointments can be a time-consuming process. Getting everyone to the dentist means coordinating a variety of schedules and agendas. Finding an opening in many different schedules can require a small miracle if you have several children. Instead of trying to juggle a variety of different appointments, it is far easier to have all the appointments done in one fell swoop with a dentist you can rely on. Scheduling your appointment with a Leesburg family dentist makes your regular dental appointments so much easier.  

2. Form Lasting Relationships 

One of the major reasons that parents like to work with a family dentist is the deep bonds and personal relations that can be built with your dental professionals. Your children will grow up and go through life, but they will always have a single dentist who knows about their teeth and dental history. Forming these relationships allows your family to take advantage of top-rated dental care that goes behind just cleaning and maintaining teeth. However, without a strong bond and connection, your child may not feel comfortable discussing all details of their dental conditions with their dental care provider. At worst this can lead to health conditions, but a lack of clear communication detracts from the quality of your dental service.  

If a condition goes on long enough without being explored and addressed, the consequences can be far more dangerous and difficult to heal. But all this can be avoided by beginning a quality relationship with a family dentist that you can trust.  

You and your child will both feel better knowing that your dentist has your health and dental standards as a professional priority. Your family dentist will offer you all manner of dental attention to address conditions that need attention. They will know your dental history, allergies, sensitivities, the presence of any genetic conditions, and everything else that will allow them to make precise assessments and effective treatments.  

Forging these lasting relations with your family’s dentist greatly enhances the results and effectiveness of your dental care.

3. Avoid Dental Anxiety 

Dental anxiety is an issue that will affect about 9% of children. If your child is reluctant to go to a dentist, that’s not a problem. Going to a family dentist is a good idea if this may be an issue in your family. Even adults can have phobias about receiving dental treatment. But much of this can be avoided by working with a family dentist. Children who are reluctant to visit the dentist will be far more likely to overcome this hesitation if they develop a trusting relationship with their dentist. Your child will see their parents and possibly their siblings receive treatment, and this will reduce any uncertainty about the experience.  

As they continue with their dental treatment, your children will grow more confident and trusting. They will soon grow out of their dental anxieties and have little problems in getting the proper dental care needed to preserve their dental function into their older years. If your child lacks consistent dental care experience, smaller issues can go unnoticed and lead to larger complications later in life.   

If you have a child with anxiety about dental treatment or would like to avoid this issue altogether, make an appointment with a reliable Leesburg family dental practice.   

4. Prevent Tooth Decay and Gingivitis 

Visiting your dentist regularly is essential to maintaining good dental health in your family and avoiding cavities. For the best results, you should have two dental checkups each year. These regular visits with your family dentist can help to prevent the first signs of tooth decay. 

Without regular care and cleanings, small dental issues can become very large problems. For example, your child could develop gingivitis. If this condition is not identified and treated immediately, the result will be periodontitis, and this can lead to premature tooth loss.  

Instead, have your teeth and the teeth of those in your family regularly cared for by our dental professionals.

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