Best things to do in Spiti valley


Are you searching for a few of the finest things to carry out in Spiti valley that will endure as a valuable memory in your heart for a lifetime? If yes, then this valley is the flashpoint for all types of adventurous pursuits like camping,  trekking, hiking and many other amusing activities. You can also experience the pictorial vistas of mother nature here that will leave you entirely in shock.  

Travelers can ramble in the halls of the abbey to receive a peek into the serenity habitat of the monks. You can watch out for the vintage inscriptions, pay respect to the gleaming statues of one and only Lord Buddha and sit in the company of the monks to have the saintly meal cooked at the monastery. 


Enhancing a pure culture that is an ideal mixture of Tibetan and Indian cultures, the spectacular beauty and cozy environment of Spiti allures every nature enthusiast from all over the world. From thrilling venture sports to discovering the ruins, from cut-out fossils to inspiring proficient handicrafts, you can involve yourself in never-ending things to carry out over here. 

Any village you travel to, make certain to discover the alluring artifacts and carvings that are put on a show in the regional market to take with you as memories. Every village thrust away in these rivulets provides one of the finest experiences. If you’re touring Lahaul Spiti from the Manali part then you can have mesmerizing camping encounters in the middle of Batal to Losar or Gramphuor. 

Things to carry out in Spiti valley

There are many more things you can carry out in this pleasing valley of Spiti, we have listed down some of the finest things one must not miss during the tour to Spiti valley.

1. River Rafting- 

 Exactly an ideal for adventure lovers, river rafting is known as one of the highlighted things to do in Spiti valley. With snow-capped peaks, top hill monasteries, and scenic sights all around, the Pin and Spiti rivers provide an experience which will stay with you for a lifetime. You can enjoy the thrill while lying in the simplest amongst the hills during the time of the sport. Ideal places for river rafting: Pin and Spiti rivers. Difficulty level: Moderate. It backs up the distance of around thirty-six kilometers. Cost: 500 to 1500 INR. Best time to do rafting: July to August.

2. Pin Valley National park – 

Pin valley Located in the towery peaks of the Himalayas region, this park is the center to imperil flora and fauna lime icy leopards, Himalaya snow cocks, Siberian ibex, Tibetan gazelle, snow partridges, and many more. From appreciating the enchantress of mother nature to wildlife locating, there are so many things to do there that you would entirely lose track of time. Location: Kaza, Spiti valley. You don’t have to pay any amount for this thing. Centre of attraction: Pin Valley National Park.

3. Buddhist Monasteries-

 Spiti is a cultural and religious home for Buddhists, and that is one more reason that uplifts it as such a popular attraction for tourists. With several  Buddhist monasteries fix up along with the valley, you can also tour each or any of them for a restful time. From the structure of the monasteries to the vintage murals present on the inside, every view would leave you awe-inspired. Many of the monasteries’ opening timing for the visitors is early morning and it closes around 5 or 6 pm. Some famous monasteries in Spiti: are Kungri Monastery, Key Monastery, and Kardang Monastery. Try to tour this monastery in July as they will celebrate the Chaam festival and experience rich culture and traditions. 

4. Camping at Chandratal- 

 Based on a semi-circle shape, and located at 4,300 meters in the arms of the Himalayas, this lake is one of the most famous things to experience in this Spiti Valley. What uplifts this experience even more dazzling there is camping alongside the lake with breathtaking sights around. So, you know where to camp, at least for one night in Spiti valley. You will need to pay around 1,500 INR per head and this varies on what kind of retreat you select. Location: Centre Himalaya, Spiti Valley. If you are planning to camp at this place then it is recommended to book in advance.

5. Trek to Dhankar Lake-

 If you are searching for both adventure and peace, hiking to the lake of Dhankar is one of the top things to put on your visit to Spiti Valley. Located above the Dhankar Monastery at a height of around 4,270 meters, this lake is known as breathtaking beauty. While the trek is a bit tough, the intense scenes that you would get to encounter after arriving would surely be worth it. Location: Spiti Valley. Cost: INR 1,500. Please try to wear sturdy boots and one must take a walking stick with him or her to lower the effort requires to conquer the trek.

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