Fazes Clan reveal new

Faze Clan has revealed future football

gear with Lyrical Lemonade, an influential music media firm, which will be available for purchase at The Armory and FIFA 22 soon.

The Los Angeles-based entertainment streaming company has been expanding its clientele, including a recent partnership with Disney to reimagine Lil Durk Shirt and a separate collaboration with DC Comics in 2021 to transform Fazed members into superheroes alongside Batman.

The Fazed logo has appeared on mouse pads, ample collections of mercy, and more to give fans multiple ways to rep red-and-black. With a focus on gaming and shining a light on its biggest personalities, the Fazed logo has appeared on mouse pads, ample collections of mercy, and more to give fans multiple ways to rep red-and-black.

Lil Dunk recently teamed up

with his doppelgänger Perkier, a.k.a. Shmurkio, for the release of his “Blacklists” video. Shortly after, 6ix9ine sought out an opportunity to throw more shots at Dunk by seemingly ambushing Perkier and forcing him to wear a jacket with the late King Von on it. The lookalike has attempted to clarify the situation online, and now Royale has chimed in to suggest the videos of Period confused their daughter.

“Willow talking about why Daddy talking like that,” she said, posting a video of Perkier explaining the situation. “Ilk why I never thought to show her him before this to see what she would say. But I was just strolling my TL and started watching the video and she looked and said that. 😭 This girl always have me in tears.”

A fan asked Royale how she responded when Willow questioned the video. “I laughed and said girl that’s not your daddy,” she answered.

Despite being told it certainly wasn’t her dad, Willow apparently refused to believe India. “She said that is daddy. I said Willow look at him close that’s not your daddy. So she just looked and didn’t say none.

Clearly she isn’t see none wrong.”

“Perkier was completely setup by an individual named Mike who reached out to me after noticing we were shooting a music video to establish the connection between Perkier and You Tuber blogger named ‘Steve Will Do It,'” said IzzyyDrake, a Drake impersonator who has been connecting with Perkier on social media and has ties to the incident in question. Nobody expected [6ix9ine] rat to show up; they fooled him, and now they’re attempting to hide their tracks. After Mike informed me that the log with Steve Will Do It wouldn’t be until April 27, Period was supposed to be at the music shoot with me, but they played me to get his management contact and ordered him to pull up.

According to the Dark lookalike,

he was there under the assumption that he was going to collaborate with someone else. Upon arriving, Precious says he was forced to meet up with 6ix9ine, who he scolded in the below clip, saying he needs to “man up” and stop trying to use his face for clout.

In a video he posted later

, Perkier said he turned up to the agreed-upon location under the assumption he was being asked to collaborate with someone else. When he arrived, he said he was forced to meet with 6ix9ine, who he suggested needs to “man up” and sort his issues out with the real Dark.

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