How to Convert PDF to Word Online using Lua?

The newly launched Lua PDF converter not only converts Word to PDF but also converts PDF to Word. It is very easy and fast to convert any PDF into a Word document using the Lua PDF converter. Either upload or simply drag and drop the PDF document to convert it to a Word document online. Lua only supports conversion of files up to 5 MB and therefore, the conversion takes place at a super-fast speed. The conversion of the file takes less than a minute.

Why to Use Lua to Convert PDF to Word?

One of the primary reasons to choose Lua to convert PDF to Word is to ensure that the document formatting remains intact. When you use Lua PDF converter, the tool ensures that the images, fonts and alignments look the way it appeared in the PDF. Secondly, the Lua works at a lightning-fast speed to convert the files. In addition to that, it goes an extra mile to ensure that all the uploaded files are automatically deleted from the server after five minutes.

Further, Lua is a web-based PDF converter. A web-based PDF converter has its own advantage. For instance, it can be accessed from any platform and via any device. You can now convert your PDF on a go using the Lua PDF converter. Also, apart from converting your PDF to a Word document, you can also convert it into PNG and JPG. In addition to that, different file formats can be converted into PDF. Also, it provides added features like compressing and merging PDF. In short, Lua is here to address all your PDF concerns.

The home page of Lua is clean and all the different options/functions are demarcated properly to ensure easy navigation in the website. Also, converting the file is as easy as dragging and dropping it. One doesn’t even need to waste time on clicking “Convert” because after a file is uploaded, the conversion process begins automatically. Choose Soda PDF or pdf editor for Convert PDF to Word Online.

How to Convert PDF to Word Online using Lua?

For converting a PDF document into a Word document using Lua, follow the steps given below:

1. Open the home page of Lua.

2. Click on “PDF to Word” to convert the PDF to Word document online.

3. Upload the PDF file in the Lua server by either clicking on “Choose PDF File” or by drag and drop. Please note that the maximum allowed size of the file in Lua is 5 MB.

4. Wait for the conversion process to begin and complete.

5. Click on “Download” to download the newly created Word document.

After you download the Word document, the uploaded PDF document will be automatically deleted from the Lua server after five minutes to ensure that your file remains the same. By following similar steps, you can also convert files of different formats into PDF.

For instance, if you want to convert the Word document back to PDF, you can follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Open the Lua home page.

2. Click on “Word to PDF” to convert DOC and DOCX format to a PDF document.

3. Click on “Choose Word File” to upload the Word document. You can also drag and drop the Word document to convert it into PDF.

4. Wait for the conversion process to end.

5. Click on “Download” to download the newly created PDF document.

Wasn’t that easy?

You can further go one step ahead by compressing the PDF document you have just created. For doing so, follow these steps.

1. Go back to the Lua home page.

2. Click on “Compress PDF”.

3. Upload the PDF document either by drag and drop or by clicking on “Choose PDF File”.

4. Wait for the compression procedure to end.

5. Click on “Download” to download the compressed PDF file.

Your PDF document will now appear as a smaller file and hence, will occupy less data when transferred online. The best part is that Lua PDF converter compress the PDF document without queuing. The compression process begins immediately.

Lua is the best newly launched PDF converter in the market that can be used for free. The clean interface makes it easy for the user to navigate through the home. Also, instant conversion saves time. With Lua, you can complete all your PDF requirements.

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