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How to Overcome These 5 Challenges as a Pregnant Woman in STEM

Women in STEM often face barriers, and these obstacles can be particularly difficult for pregnant women to deal with. In a male-dominated industry, you may feel like your talents are overlooked, or that you don’t get the support you need. With these tips brought to you by, you can move past career setbacks and succeed as a woman in STEM.

Preparing for Motherhood

Even if you’re happy with your company’s family leave policy, you may feel like your managers and coworkers don’t understand your needs as a pregnant woman in the workplace. If you don’t work with many other women, you might not know where to turn for advice and support. Taking online childbirth education classes and hiring a doula can help you get the guidance you need!

Building Your Confidence

If you don’t work alongside many other women, and you often find yourself underestimated by your male coworkers, you might start questioning your own abilities. This is known as “imposter syndrome” and can affect even the most accomplished women when their talents are questioned.

To overcome imposter syndrome, focus on reminding yourself of your achievements, letting go of perfectionist ideas, and developing a new perspective on making mistakes. Remember, mistakes can be great learning opportunities!

Negotiating Your Salary (with Confidence)

Are you concerned that you are being underpaid because of your gender? This is a common worry for women in STEM, and negotiating your salary is key if you want to ensure that you are compensated according to your abilities and contributions.

But how do you go about negotiating your salary? First, it’s important to get comfortable with talking about money. It’s okay to chat with male coworkers in similar positions about how much they make – this is the only way to find out if you’re being paid fairly.

If you’re noticing a discrepancy, it’s time to schedule a meeting with your manager or bring it up at your next performance review. You may want to bring information about salaries for comparable positions at other companies or data on the rising cost of living in your area to support your position.

Finding a Mentor Who’s Been There

Working with a female mentor can be a boon for your career. Another woman who has walked down the same path will be able to give you pointers for dealing with tough situations. A mentor who is also a mother can help you deal with the unique challenges that can arise when you’re pregnant and working.

Not sure where to find a mentor? If you can’t think of good candidates for mentorship within your own workplace, look for nonprofit organizations that match up female mentors with women who are starting their STEM careers. 

Promoting’ Yourself with a Business and a Business Card

What if you’re struggling to get hired or secure an internal promotion? Starting your own business within your STEM niche might be the answer. If you’re currently pregnant, you’ll need to make plans for granting yourself maternity leave time. But if you’re facing discrimination at work, entrepreneurship can give you the freedom and flexibility you need. So, put together a business plan, design a business card that proudly announces your presence to the world (online tools and templates can help with business card design), and start laying the groundwork for a successful venture — one where you call the shots.

As a woman in STEM, you may face some discrimination in the workplace, but don’t let that prevent you from thriving in this field! With these tips, from starting a business to finding a mentor, you will be able to grow as a professional, even throughout your pregnancy.

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