Irving returns to the game

Kyrie Irving is back after an eight-game suspension for posting a link to an anti-Semitic movie on his social media accounts. Brooklyn’s star point guard had 14 points and five assists in a 127-115 win over Memphis. Kyrie was off the team for 2.5 weeks, in that time completing six demands from the Nets that allowed him to avoid a “culture of cancellation.” Yes, many personal sponsors have walked away from Irving, but his NBA career is safe for now.

Recall that the NBA champion tweeted a link to the movie “From Jews to Blacks: Waking up Black America,” which was directed by African-American Ronald Dalton, Jr. in 2018 and is based on his own book of the same name (the basketball player did not add his opinion to the link). Incidentally, this book is one of the bestsellers on many of the top U.S. marketplaces. Dalton’s main idea is that black people are the real descendants of the ancient Israelites. And it just so happens that non-American Jews, who appear as the “synagogue of Satan,” have stripped blacks of their identity as “God’s chosen people” and lied to them about their origins. The book contains all the major anti-Semitic strains, from complete denial of the Holocaust to Jewish responsibility for racism.

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Last week, Irving finally came to speak with Brooklyn owner Joseph Tsai. ESPN insider Adrian Wojnarowski reported that even before his suspension, the Chinese businessman wanted to meet with the player, but he didn’t return his messages for a week. And scandalous TV host Stephen A. Smith said that Tsai is completely disappointed in the player and has to work with him only because of his current contract.

However, Tsai denied the report, stating that he was eager to see Irving on the court for the entire season. Kyrie returned to the court Monday, Nov. 21, and after the game against Memphis said he would consider complaining about his eight-game suspension. “I’ll leave it to my legal team, those warriors around me,” Kyrie said. – There’s no date yet, but I’m reserving that option to myself.”

Note that prior to the tweet situation, Kyrie found himself in the spotlight many times. Previously, he denied landing a man on the moon, stated that the Earth is flat, and refused vaccinations, making controversial statements about the coronavirus. As a result, Irving was unable to participate in Nets home games for almost the entire 2021/22 season, making life difficult for his partners.

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