How to Make Your Lips Look Larger Without Using Needles

With makeup alone, you can achieve a subtly accentuated pout. Fleshy, pouty, pillowy Lips Look. Everywhere you look, an actress, model, or influencer is trying to get a pair of plump lips. If you were to point fingers, blame 1990s fashion or the beauty trends of that decade.

Let’s assume you want to add some color to your pout. But, you don’t want to use inject able fillers like Rest lane/Juvederm. Here are top makeup artists sharing their tips to make your lips appear fuller with makeup.

Lip Prep

Christine d’Ornano from Sisley Paris, global vice president, said that plumpness is something that “you attribute health to.” “It’s a good sign you’re hydrated,” says Christine d’Ornano, the global vice president of Sisley Paris. However, most people tend to focus on moisturizing the lips. Ms. d’Ornano emphasizes how important it is to hydrate the skin surrounding the lips.

She stated that “the lines around your lip could actually be what are making your lips less plump.” The brand’s best-selling eye and lip contour balm costs $140. If you prefer natural formulations, Sea Eyes & Lips cream, $60, boasts peptides.)Lip scrubs can be ditched. Daniel Martin, a brand ambassador for Dior Beauty and a recent makeup artist for Meghan Markle, said “Lip scrubs really don’t do anything.”

“They taste like sugar and don’t really exfoliate.” He instead uses a warm, damp washcloth to rub any dry flakes off of his clients’ lips. Also, look out for a product that provides deep hydration. Mr. Martin likes Thatch’s Kissy Lip Mask ($30). While it’s intended for overnight wear, you can use it even for just a few minutes. “I will have the model put it onto her hair while her hair is being blow out so it can set,” he explained. “It doesn’t have the weird cinnamon stingy stuff from lip plumpers in the ’90s.”

Discovering Your Lip Shape

There are a few things you can do to improve your pout using makeup. First, Mr. Martin uses concealer or foundation on the lips to lighten them. He explained that this allows him to clearly see the shape of his lips. Next, he picks a lipstick that matches your current lip color or is one to two shades darker. This gives your lips structure as well as provides a foundation for any other products.

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“Lip products will feather slightly at their edges if they’re not applied frequently,” Mr. Martin stated. “A lip liner that matches your skin tone will look less jarring, as your lipstick or gloss wears away,” Mr. Martin stated. Rouge Dior Ink is $32 and has a natural-looking, stain-like texture.

Vincent Oquendo (a makeup artist well-known for his work with Victoria’s Secret models) prefers classic pencils. Martin advised that we ignore the names for the colors. Too often, Nude does not mean nude for the person wearing it. He explained that many women have more purple or mauve undertones to their lips.

Beau Nelson, Beau Nelson’s makeup artist, shared his experience with Kristen Stewart. If you go beyond that, it can become cartoonish. Use the same liner for the remainder of the lip.

Insider tip.

If you have trouble with your lips lining, Charlotte Tilbury’s makeup artist advises you to smile lightly and get some tautness in your mouth. That will show the shape.


I would recommend getting fillers if you have extremely thin lips. If you are blessed with full lips, then exfoliating and moisturizing can be a good idea. The most important tip in this article is to use petroleum jelly.

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