Reira Iwabuchi of Japan attempts a frontside triple.

Reira Iwabuchi is a Japanese snowboarder, which came agonizingly close to landing frontside triple cork 1260 in Olympic Games history or the first-ever, but could land sticky.

Reira Iwabuchi is 20 years old now, was competing in the final of the women’s big air, and before in a women’s competition, decided to attempt a trick that has never been complete. 

In the big air, Reira Iwabuchi won a silver medal in 2018 at the Winter X Games XXII in Colorado back and then two years later, bronze in the same competition. 

The Japanese youngster, yesterday, came through qualifying and, to attempt this audacious move, decided the final would be a perfect time. 

With a varying number of rotations, a triple cork involves three flips. Afterward, If there’s a number, it relates to the degree of the trick. Therefore, a triple cork 1260 involves three and a half rotations. 

As she attempted to stick the landing, He looked to have nailed the trick initially but lost her balance ever so slightly. 

In the air, once she reached the bottom, the other competitors to congratulate her may be waiting there. However, many were forced to console the youngster in the end, who was bound to tears. 

If he had landed the trick as one of the best snowboard jumps of all time, then it would surely have gone down. 

In the end meant, to make matters worse for the Japanese star, her fall, on a medal, she finished fourth and narrowly missed out. 

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