The Best Meals to Pair With Garlic Bread

Although you might think of garlic bread as a side dish to your favorite pasta dish, it is much more than that. Use a light, herbal bread to go with a salad, or top it with toppings to serve as the base for the actual dish. 

This essential cuisine can be creatively included in your family’s meals, whether you make garlic bread from home or use ready-to-eat deli or frozen bread.

Even though garlic bread is excellent with a massive bowl of spaghetti, plenty of other dishes go well with it. When you need garlic bread, these are the most incredible dishes.

  1. Soup

We all agree that soup and bread go together like bread and butter. How else would you be able to describe the sensation you experience while consuming grilled cheese and creamy tomato soup? A bowl of soup is like a warm hug when you dig in.

 You can complete the meal by serving some bread on the side. Garlic bread may enhance the flavor of any soup, whether it is creamy or broth-based. Naturally, one-pot meals and soups are a convenient way to provide a straightforward lunch or dinner without making a big mess.

  1. Pasta

You can choose garlic bread as a starter with any pasta with marinara sauce. Penne pasta is easy for kids to eat with a spoon or a fork and has a tubular form that helps each piece hold more sauce. 

For an easy midweek supper, combine spaghetti with spicy Italian sausage and top with a tossed salad and creamy Parmesan dressing. Use premade, frozen garlic bread, and before putting the pieces in the oven, cover them with shredded mozzarella cheese. The cheese is prepared for eating after it begins to bubble.

  1. Summer salads

Due to the seemingly infinite abundance of fresh produce throughout the summer, salads are a go-to meal. Salads are a healthy way to take advantage of the summer’s plentiful crop. The main drawback is that more than a salad is needed to fill you up. 

A side of garlic bread can help transform a salad into a well-balanced dinner in addition to adding protein. Another great pairing for this well-liked carb is summer spaghetti salads. Try it with pasta salad with tomato, snap peas, and walnut pesto. 

The colorful salad has a lot of colorful vegetables in it. You’ll wonder why you haven’t been pairing your salads with garlic bread.

  1. Quiche

Give a simple refrigerator pie crust or readymade pie crust mix the flavor of garlic bread by lightly spraying it with olive oil and sprinkling garlic powder over it. Add ham cubes, steamed broccoli florets, shredded cheese, and minced garlic to a standard egg custard quiche filling mixture.

 The quiche’s flavors will be enhanced by the crust’s garlic flavor, providing a zest layer.

  1. Grilled

Serve flavorful garlic and herb bread alongside a light supper of steak or chicken that has been cooked on the grill. The grill is used to make the bread. 

Thickly slice a deli bread, then liberally drizzle each piece with olive oil on both sides. Then, cook them quickly, just until they are toasted, while brushing dried seasoning mix on the oiled sides. Steamed veggies and a light dessert of frozen yogurt and fresh fruit is also included.

  1. Cassoulet

Another classic French cooking dish is cassoulet. This decadent recipe lays out duck confit, salt pork, and garlic sausage with white beans. The usual process requires three days to complete. Thankfully, this rapid pot cassoulet can be prepared in under an hour. 

As a result of modern conveniences, you can now buy confit duck legs from the grocery store, saving a lot of time and effort in a highly labor-intensive technique. The development of taste and softness is further accelerated by your quick pot, which would often take endless hours.

This stew would benefit significantly from a side of garlic bread, just like boeuf bourguignon. It can be utilized to both provide texture and absorb the sauce. You may prepare your garlic bread while the stew is cooking because this cassoulet variant uses less energy and frees up your oven.

  1. Pork chops

The most important thing you should take away from reading this article is that garlic complements almost anything. You will never run out of ways to smother bread with garlic butter: meat, vegetables, appetizers, main dishes.

 Garlic bread may be the solution if you feel that your dinner is lacking in any way. We conclude by saying that it is a good match with pork chops. However, when done properly, they are delicious. 

  1. Dips

A gooey, creamy dip is a party staple. A hungry crowd will rapidly consume a warm crock of spinach artichoke dip, but you need to have the correct equipment to scoop it up. Although crackers and tortilla chips are fantastic, presenting garlic bread alongside your preferred dips will really wow your guests.

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