To win snowboard big air gold, Anna Gasser beats Zoi Sadowski Synnott.

In Beijing, Anna Gasser hardly felt like the favorite, to ever win an Olympic snowboarding big air contest, even as the only woman. With an average age of 21 years, has been pushing the boundaries of sports the same as her way of the contest, for the podium, the Austrian with 30 years old age was not even sure that her best would be good enough. She declared that to me, this one is more emotional because it’s so unexpected.

On her final jump, Gasser executed a massive cab 1260 to overtake Zoi Sadowski Synnott of New Zealand and, in big air, on Tuesday, won her second straight Olympic gold medal.

Sadowski Synnott led Gasser entering the third round by 0.25 points after both landed a pair of double-cork the 1080s with three rotations and two opposite dimensions flips.

Gasser was assured of at least silver for her final attempt when she dropped in the switch at Big Air Shougang. When she did it in 2019, she was the first woman to land a cab double cork 1260, and she did it the same way again here, with 3 1/2 spins the only rider to stomp out a trick. Gasser declared that I did not care about the 0.25. He also added that “I cared for the snowboard tricks that I could show.” Who began snowboarding only at 18; mean a former gymnast, four years ago, Gasser dominated the international circuit ahead of the Pyeongchang Games, and big air debuted there or expected nothing less than gold. after that, the sport seemed to grow past her. Since; the start of 2019, she has only had one World Cup victory.

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