What should I look out for when buying a trekking e-bike?

A trekking bike is particularly suitable for all riders who like to go on extensive leisure trips and who want to use it on their daily commute to work. The ground becomes secondary: the trekking bike likes to ride on gravel as well as on asphalt. Especially if you are unsure about the right bike and need an e-bike for all purposes, you are well advised to go with the trekking bike.

The real all-rounders also provide increased driving comfort and usually meet all safety requirements in road traffic. Therefore, this type of bike is one of the most sought after on the market. However, you should consider the range of trekking e-bikes. Since it offers a wide range of possible uses, manufacturers often rely on specific properties that position the trekking e-bike more off-road or more on the road. The same applies to the balance between sportiness and comfort.

What should I look out for when buying a trekking e-bike?

You should pay attention to a few features so that you can fully enjoy your trekking e-bike. Although most bikes from the top manufacturers meet all the requirements for everyday and leisure use, there are still some differences in equipment and also in the type of trekking bikes. There are offers up to cross e- bikes , which are more aimed at off-road oriented riders, and there are everyday bikes with the option for occasional excursions, which are more aimed at leisurely occasional riders.

The drive systems

When it comes to the drive, you should make sure that the motor has enough power to support you occasionally on the mountain. The torque of the engine is mainly responsible for the thrust on the hill. From 60 Newton meters you have enough power on the bike even on more demanding climbs. Another important component is the battery.

People like to go on longer tours with trekking e-bikes, which is why a battery with the highest possible capacity is important. We therefore recommend at least 500 watt hours, even better you are equipped with over 600 watt hours or even a combined capacity. Since you often take luggage and drinks with you on trekking bikes, models with integrated frame batteries are ideal. This leaves enough storage space for other utensils within your frame.

Your drive should also offer different support levels that you can easily operate. Since the use of trekking e-bikes is so versatile, the demands on the motor are constantly changing. 


The focus of the trekking e-bike is on comfort, so a stable frame with a comfortable seating position is very important. Depending on your height and mobility, you can choose between diamond frames with a high top tube and trapezoidal frames with a low top tube on many trekking bikes . The second makes it easier to get started, but offers slightly less stability.

Whether your trekking bike needs a suspension fork depends on your route preferences and your need for comfort. A suspension fork absorbs vibrations and is therefore useful if you travel a lot off-road. For the daily commute on asphalt, you might be able to save yourself the suspension fork.

What is particularly practical about many trekking e-bikes is that the frames come with the right holders for bags, trailers and accessories. Luggage racks and mudguards can be easily attached and detached if necessary, making the bike even more flexible.

other parts

You should also pay attention to a good braking system, especially if you often ride downhill and quickly. Nevertheless, the disc brake is a suitable choice here.

When it comes to tires, puncture resistance is what counts most. Different manufacturers offer different qualities. A good tip is the G-Force T42. However, you can also retrofit these if the installed tires are worn or broken. Furthermore, the tire should not be too narrow and have enough profile so that you still have enough grip on unpaved paths.

Our trekking e-bike recommendations

As with all bicycles, the following applies to trekking bikes: quality has its price. A good trekking bike will last a long time, so you can consider it a long-term investment. High-end bikes offer exceptionally good suspension, hydraulic disc brakes, puncture-proof tires and high -quality gears. So that you can also commute by bike at night and in winter, you should also attach importance to a high-quality lighting system .

In the lower price segment there are mainly trekking e-bikes, which are more reminiscent of city bikes.

Given the wide range of uses for trekking bikes, it usually makes no sense to make specific recommendations. Because in addition to the intended use, your own preference also plays a major role in the selection. You should therefore consider which frame shape you prefer, whether you want suspension or what range you want your new bike to have. 

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