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When Will I Need New Set of Invisalign Aligners  

Several fresh sets of trays will be sent to you at various intervals throughout your Invisalign treatment. Changing out your trays once per week to two will most likely be recommend by your orthodontist. These brand-new sets are intend to assist in progressively repositioning your teeth into an alignment that is straighter and more visually pleasing to the eye. It may seem like the treatment will go on forever and be really boring, but be assure that all of your efforts will be well reward in the end when you choose invisalign berkshire!

What Are Invisalign Aligners?.

To put it another way, aligners are the instruments that make it feasible for an Invisalign dentist in Surrey who has received the proper training to carry out a treatment on a patient. Treatment with Invisalign entails you wearing a set of aligners that are invisible and can be remove easily. Invisalign aligners are fabricate using a material call SmartTrack, which is protected by a patent. 

How often will I need to check in with my dentist while I’m undergoing treatment with Invisalign?.

Many individuals who are thinking about getting treatment with Invisalign are interest in learning how often they will have to see their Invisalign doctor. You will be require to see your dentist a minimum of twice throughout your treatment. The first time will be for an initial consultation, and the second will be to collect your Invisalign aligners .

Although this is the very least number of times that you will be require to see your Invisalign expert, you may need to contact your Invisalign-trained doctor or orthodontist on a more frequent basis throughout your treatment. Your physician will devise an individualised treatment strategy for you, which means that you may need to see your healthcare provider more often or less frequently than another patient would. It is recommend that you schedule an appointment with your primary care physician every four to six weeks, on average.

How long will it be until I can stop wearing my Invisalign aligners?.

To get the greatest outcomes possible with Invisalign, the majority of patients will need to wear their aligners for 20–22 hours each day as suggested by our dentist in camberley. The second approach to this subject involves considering the period during which a single pair of aligners will need to be worn before being exchange for a fresh one. Because Invisalign treatment is a progressive procedure, each new set of aligners will further push your teeth into the right position as time passes. This will result in your teeth eventually being in the correct position invisalign berkshire.

For this development to continue as intended, it is quite likely that you will need to switch to a new set of Invisalign aligners about every one to two weeks in line with the treatment plan that your dentist has prescribed for you.

Care for your Invisalign trays with these top five suggestions from our team.

In addition to switching to fresh trays every one to two weeks, we advocate many healthy practices to promote excellent dental health and correct tooth alignment. These routines include flossing, brushing, and using mouthwash. These are the following:

Keep a calendar handy to track when your trays need to be replace.

If you use a calendar, you will have an easier time remembering when to replace your trays and when to make appointments for follow-up care invisalign berkshire.

Replace old trays with fresh ones overnight.

Your teeth may experience discomfort as a result of the new trays. This indicates that they are making progress! It is possible that wearing fresh trays while you sleep can alleviate some of the stiffness you experience throughout the day. We strongly suggest that you use over-the-counter pain medication during the first few days of utilising a new tray to alleviate any discomfort that you may have.

Manage your diet

Because the treatment requires you to remove your tray whenever you eat, we advise that you refrain from eating any snacks. Instead, make it a point to wear your trays at all times throughout the day. If you have dietary restrictions imposed on you by your doctor or dietician, you must adhere to the recommendations that are most effective for you.

Drink water

Because using your trays will cause you to produce much more saliva, you must keep well hydrated.

Always have a retainer case with you.

We strongly recommend that you put the trays back inside your case after each and every meal that you have. The retainer case will protect the trays if you unintentionally toss them away.

You Will Require Various Trays During The Course of Treatment.  

The degree of difficulty of your case will determine the number of Invisalign trays that you will need. In situations that are quite mild, you may obtain as few as five sets of trays, while in more complicated circumstances, you may receive more than 26 sets. After an Invisalign provider has scanned your teeth and developed a treatment plan for you, they will offer you a rough estimate of the number of aligners you will need to finish your orthodontic treatment. You will benefit from having transparent, comfortable braces that the majority of people won’t even know you’re wearing, regardless of how many trays you need.

Get Started with Your Invisalign Treatment.

If you are prepare to share your stunning smile with the world, we strongly recommend that you get started right now. At Perfect Smile, we develop individualised treatment programmes using Invisalign to address a wide variety of dental issues in more than 40 locations invisalign berkshire. 

Our treatment strategies offer more for patients than just enhancing the appearance of their smiles. Get in touch with us now to set up a consultation with Invisalign at our Camberley dental practice and in locations including London, Liverpool, Surrey, and Manchester. Schedule your free-consultation today for a whiter and brighter smile. 

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