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Youtube Downloader y2mate Overview and Guide

It’s becoming more difficult and more difficult for me to locate new (that I’m not aware of) popular services and then review them. What’s popular? My opinion is that the site is considered popular when it’s in Alexa’s top 10k most popular websites.

It’s unbiased however, it could not be the case, but this is a great method to gauge the popularity of a site and that’s why I make use of it. Today’s subject is which is a site with a rank within the 10k mark, making it .. an extremely well-known one. It’s as well-known like Listen To Youtube that’s been absent recently.

Today, I’ll present the Tutorial first, then conduct a review, since some of the procedures will require some shouting., Services overview

y2mate is looking great and promises even more. The site offers high-quality HD video downloads at 720p via YouTube. As with most websites, this one does not offer mixing in 1080p HD with Audio Only track, as YouTube does, therefore… No 1080p HD or even talking about 4K HD downloads…

Then there’s the mp3 converter service, which presents MP3s at 128kbps, not requiring any additional transfer of data. It doesn’t even upencode them to 320kbps which makes the files 2.5 times bigger, without audio quality improvement. Good job! !

Additionally, there are other formats for audio including m4a webm and ogg.. Also, smaller video formats are available for download as well. It’s a bit difficult, especially for someone who isn’t familiar with HD and other types of formats..

The site can be translated into a variety of languages. This can increase the number of visitors as local versions of the site can generate a lot of traffic.

The site was also free of absolutely no advertisements. This is an amazing thing and very inviting to be honest. However, the site is promoting two distinct Android apps. One of them is MuviDownloader App HTML0and another one is Vidmate HD Downloader. I’m not sure which one was created by the y2mate team, but it is likely the first in the event that there is one.. I have seen ads for the other on other websites.

It’s normal websites will provide Software Installs. For instance, we here at savetube are (at this moment) suggesting the Airy HD Video & Mp3 YouTube Downloader. It’s an awesome piece of software which comes with versions and for Windows and Mac and Mac, so make sure to take a look!

As you can observe in the first screenshot below you are able to edit the video URL to speedily transfer it to To do this you just need to add the PP to the video address just after you finish working on youtube and after it is the .com part. The URL of your video will appear as follows:

This will swiftly take you to next step in this tutorial, and avoid step 1. It appears to be a new technological breakthrough that the operator of the site has introduced. It’s a great idea, it’s exactly the same the ssyoutube technique used in SaveFrom and other services also do it… It saves few seconds, and it works.. Step-by-Step tutorial

This is the step-by-step tutorial. We’ll attempt and download and then convert into MP3 Katy Perry Hey Hey Hey video. Yes, yes… Bieber hasn’t made any recent videos as of yet So, there’s nothing downloadable here… LOL.. Let’s begin…

Step 1. Start by opening homepage

Click here to launch y2mate, and then see what it looks. Pretty nice, clean design. Architecture that is open… It’s not true I’m not an expert on architecture.. However, these websites are so common, that sometimes I’m at confused about what words to use for you, know? to describe websites in a way that makes them stand out from one another…

Step 2. Insert the URL of the video and check what happens

In the box I denoted by the arrows, you can paste the URL of your video. Learn how quickly displays video information and also a panel that includes MP4, Mp3, and other tabs, from which you can choose the format of download. The first option is HD high-quality 720p HD video, then click on the download button, as indicated by the an arrow. The download is directly from YouTube (super speedy) The file is correctly called, congratulations! !

Step 3. Let’s test YouTube mp3 conversion

this move has set me back. Let me go over this in the future. Click the mp3 tab and check out the available mp3 format to download.. Also, at the same time, make sure you do not click the orange or green Download buttons as they each take you on the Vidmate installation page. I’ve intentionally included them on every image in which they can be seen..

Step 4. Converting and downloading youtube videos to MP3

Here’s my latest rant.. The entire process took about five minutes, and that was only because I was bored in waiting.. Download counters are completely fully operational. But not the conversion counter.. This indicator was in 14% mode for three minutes before it started to jump from 50% at 0% and then back to 14. %…. Then i waited… However, I do know of sites such as theyoump3 and

Step 5. Click CLOSE to download the mp3 once more if it becomes stuck

So it appeared that my conversion had stopped and I clicked the CLOSE button after which i click Download again in the Download tab for mp3s.. What do you find… the Download MP3 is available.. This means that something went wrong without reason. However, this glitch took one star off the final editor’s score…

Step 6. The proof of the video and download of mp3

As I’ve already mentioned the video was downloaded direct from YouTube servers. Audio, on the other hand , was converted by y2mate’s infrastructure, and transferred from their servers. It was slower, but there. Here’s evidence… Review

And so let us do a quick review. This can also serve as a an endpoint… However, here’s my thoughts regarding y2mate… This is an excellent service. It delivers on what it claims to do, and it only supports 128kbps mp3 sincere and sensitive to data transfer..

The site has a mobile version which looks great on smartphones.. What’s the point of these apps? I don’t understand how people can make use of apps where a site is so much simpler and quicker? Yes desktop software is definitely an entirely different matter, and it’s a lot easier to utilize (as for instance the Airy can be).

On desktops, you can schedule a dozen videos to be downloaded and then converted and then leave it for a night, get it done even if you’re not there.. Conversion is much more rapid due to the fact that your desktop (or an excellent laptop) is far superior to your tablet or smartphone and has a much larger screen, a normal mice… The reason is that it’s so much more comfortable and easier to work with..

Here are the applications… In which it’s difficult to figure out how to copy-paste a video URL.. Let’s revisit y2mate’s evaluation… However, I have nothing else to say… y2mate is reliable and gives results. It’s a reputable site with a bit of devious app advertising

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