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5 SEO Plans that can Create Troubles for You

There is always a temptation to make it easy and SEO services in Lahore is no exception. For quick results, many digital marketing users are using outdated, illegal, or modern tactics. Black and Gray Hat SEO looks great right from the start, but can tire over time.

Undoubtedly, the most profitable way is to get a good review of your site and thus attract more customers and revenue. Growing your business on the first pages of search results is a difficult task and should be done carefully.

While many companies claim that they can achieve great results in a short period of time. You have to be careful and alert to those who use malicious SEO tactics.

1- Enter the keywords

This is the most common mistake that can be made not only by beginners but also by experienced traders. It might be best for your business to use the right keywords, but it might not be productive if you do it wrong.

Most of them aren’t always better and you’ll notice a drop in rankings if you use the keywords frankly. To use keywords correctly, you must first have high quality content before posting your keywords here.

2-person blog network

Personal blogs are designed to get direct links and ratings for your business. The approach is quite simple, you usually buy expired domains with good credibility and link them to your site.

Before buying a domain, make sure it’s completely clean and don’t sell or buy too often, as this is Google’s red flag. While this may seem like a viable and profitable way, it is very upsetting given the high risk of getting caught.

3- paid links

Backlinks are important for improving your SEO and increasing the number of visits to your site. While it is very effective, it can be frustrating and time-consuming. All you have to do is be more discriminating with the help you give to others.

Some retailers recommend buying links and using them in their content, but this can create serious problems. Both Google and Bing have strict rules and if you are caught buying links, you will be penalized.


Hiding a cache involves creating one type of content that will be displayed in search engine algorithms and another type of display for users. In other words, the disguise includes the words on the page, intentionally or not.

As this is an attempt to manipulate the search engine, the process is very risky and your site could be blacklisted. Search engines don’t take long to get coverage, so choosing this tactic will put an end to your business sadly.

5-Plagiarized content

Stealing isn’t a good idea, but unfortunately some digital marketing companies don’t easily teach the lesson. Creating new and unique content is expensive and time-consuming, so it’s no surprise that people are looking for keyboard shortcuts.

Copying someone else’s content will cause you a lot of trouble, as other countries may sue you for copyright theft. Google will always find you and penalize you for copying and adding keywords to your content.


There is no shortcut to getting the right results from Google, which can only be done with hard work and dedication. Unethical practices will greatly protect you and destroy your business forever.

THIS is the most powerful tool for your business when used correctly. SEO services in Lahore have many years of experience and rely on real white hat tactics to get better rankings. Write us the conditions and we will provide you with the support your business needs.

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