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Advantages and contraindications of swimming

There are many sports where important benefits can be obtained, such as spinning. Another good example is swimming. Doctors usually recommend this sport to their patients, regardless of the ailments they suffer from with lifeguard course near me.

That’s not surprising as the list of benefits is long and rewarding for those athletes who swim once or twice a week. But as with almost all sports, there are contraindications for swimming that you should be aware of.

Benefits of Swimming

  • First and foremost are the joints, which suffer little because they are not subject to wear. This is because it is a sport that has very little impact thanks to the density of the water. Unlike other sports like CrossFit .Where injuries are common, the opposite is true when you swim in a pool or ocean.
  • Regular training will ensure that the various joints involved in swimming remain in very good condition over the years.
  • Of course, your joints aren’t the only part of your body that will benefit greatly from regular swimming. The muscles also benefit from this because they become much more elastic.
  • This will make your body more flexible, with all the benefits that this brings. The range of motion is significantly greater. Which is a great advantage for swimming as well as for other sports and in everyday life.
  • On the other hand, it is remarkable how much blood circulation improves in athletes who have poor circulation. Of course, if the venous return is already good, it will be further improved. Benefiting the elderly, middle-aged, young people, in short, all swimming enthusiasts.
  • This is the result of the activation of the blood in the water, which is due both to the density of the liquid element. Which produces a kind of massage of the lower trunk that stimulates blood circulation, and to the vasodilation that occurs when it comes into contact with water, the has a lower temperature than the body.
  • The improvement in blood circulation is also due to the reduction in harmful cholesterol. Fortunately, if you swim regularly, you’ll be back to optimal levels of this marker. Which is so important in blood tests.
  • At the same time, it’s amazing how much weight you can lose by swimming . Especially if you do it two or three times a week. No wonder, because swimming is one of the sports that burns the most calories.
  • The number of calories burned depends on the type of swimming practiced. In front crawl, for example, you burn about 700 calories per hour of physical activity if you’re swimming at a reasonable pace. The backstroke burns significantly fewer calories – about 450 – but by combining different swimming styles you can easily lose eight or five pounds in a few months without sacrificing anything in your diet.
  • One of the reasons there are so many swimmers is because of the benefits they have in their daily lives. This is evident in the increase in endurance that already occurs in all sports. But in this case it is even more evident.

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