canalys china yoy 84m q4 yoy

According to data released by research firm Canalys, China’s smartphone shipments reached 84 million units in the fourth quarter of 2012, representing a year-on-year growth of 84%. This was the first time that China’s quarterly smartphone shipments had surpassed 80 million units. canalys china yoy 84m q4 yoy

Canalys, a leading global technology market analyst firm, has released new data for Q4 of 2019 showing that China’s tech market continues to grow at an incredible pace. In the quarter, China’s tech market grew by 84% year-on-year to reach US$37 billion. This is an amazing feat considering the slowing global economy and trade tensions between China and the US. canalys china yoy 84m q4 yoy

Canalys, a market analysis firm, has released data that shows China’s84m year-over-year growth in the fourth quarter of 2019. This is good news for the global economy as a whole, as China is the world’s second largest economy. The data also shows that the Chinese consumer is becoming more confident and is spending more money. This is a positive trend that is likely to continue in the future. canalys china yoy 84m q4 yoy

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