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Children want to be equal to dolphins, and the elderly only seek fitness. Appearance and health equivalent to a lower age group than their own. The benefits of swimming are not limited to these. But it is important for us to know that the sport is not only sought after for good health maintenance. But also for those who want to keep in good shape with Lifeguard class. Do all practitioners become aware of the importance and collaboration that swimming offers to their lives?

Well, if you already practice and don’t know the benefits of swimming, or are in doubt about choosing the ideal activity for you. Compamia Forma helps you to know a little more about this sport that refreshes and even brings much more health to your day to day with Lifeguard class.


Researchers at the University of South Carolina followed tests and experiences of men aged 20 to 90 years old, for 30 years. Why not guarantee a few more years of life by taking a pleasant dip in the pool?

No impact

It is common to hear people report discomfort and discomfort at the beginning of the practice of physical exercises. Swimming differs in that it offers something that no other aerobic exercise can: it offers the ability to work your entire body. And without any severe impact on your skeletal system. Thus reducing pain during the adaptation phase.

This is because when you are under water, your body automatically becomes light. These benefits of swimming make the pool an ideal place to work out stiff muscles and sore joints. Especially for people dealing with overweight and physical limitations with Lifeguard class.


Stretches done in the pool can strengthen muscles and still contribute significantly to aerobic training. A heated pool is ideal for arthritis sufferers, as hot water can help loosen stiff joints. Swimming in the pool can still reduce osteoarthritis pain.

Muscle strength and tone

Swimming is a great way to build muscle strength and tone, especially compared to other aerobic exercise. When an athlete is running on a track, he moves through the air, while a swimmer faces the resistance offered by the water. Which has a density about 12% greater than that of air with Lifeguard class.

Works the whole body and makes it more flexible

Unlike exercise machines in gyms, which tend to isolate exercises to one part of the body at a time, swimming challenges the entire body simultaneously through. A wide range of motions that help the joints and ligaments loosen and become more flexible.

Better heart health

Don’t think that swimming only tones the pectoral muscles, triceps and quadriceps. As one of the biggest benefits is on the heart. As swimming is an aerobic exercise option, it serves to strengthen the heart, not only helping it to get bigger. But benefiting it to pump better, providing better blood flow throughout the body.

Swimming is still touted as functional to fight inflammation throughout the body. Thus reducing the consequences offered by heart disease with Lifeguard class.

Weight control and calorie burning

Many people think that because the water is normally colder than our body temperature, it would be difficult to lose weight with training in the pool. But these opinions need to be reviewed. Currently, swimming is recognized as one of the biggest calorie burners. Which can be an excellent alternative for those who want to keep their weight under control.
The amount of calories burned depends not only on how hard you exercise, but also on your own physiology.

No allergies

One of the benefits of swimming is that it allows you to exercise in moist air. Which can help reduce asthma and allergy symptoms. A group of children were observed during a six-week swimming program. And it was possible to notice improvements in the severity of allergy symptoms, mouth breathing and even snoring.
Pool exercises can help increase lung volume and teach proper breathing techniques. The benefits of swimming can be even greater after the first year of regular practice.

No stress

Being prominent among aerobic exercises, the benefits of swimming extend to the psychological factor as well. By carrying out the exercises and recognizing their overcoming. The person is motivated to remain determined and excited to move forward. Endorphin levels tend to get higher with strokes, so abuse the happiness hormone and be happy. With the support of swimming for better health and fitness with Lifeguard class.


The benefits of swimming can trigger numerous other benefits, among these. Well-being is one of the purposes that favor people to stay active and practice swimming regularly. Who doesn’t feel good and secure with a good shape and better quality of life? Feeling good can be evident in the behavior and social life of those. Who manage to reap the maximum benefits throughout their lives.

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