3 Reasons to Buy a Lab Grown Diamond Ring for Your Partner

Lab grown diamond rings have been trending in the last few years, but many consumers don’t know about the benefits of this new jewelry option, so they stick to their traditional diamonds. Here are 3 reasons why you should consider buying your partner lab grown diamond rings instead of mined ones.

She will love it

You’ve probably heard that many celebrities and famous people in your life are getting lab grown diamond rings. They’re definitely something worth considering if you’re not looking to spend too much money on an engagement ring, but still want to make sure she knows how much you care about her. Lab grown diamonds aren’t expensive, they look exactly like normal diamonds, and they can last forever when cared for properly! And it doesn’t matter if she loves or hates jewelry- these diamond rings guaranteed to be her favorite piece of jewelry in no time at all. Don’t hesitate; get started today and make that special someone feel loved. Lab grown diamond engagement rings will give your partner more than just a gift- they’ll give her freedom from debt as well!

You get exactly what you want

Contrary to common belief, lab-grown diamonds are every bit as real as mined diamonds. Lab-grown diamonds have exactly the same chemical, physical and optical properties as mined ones—the only difference is that you get what you want instead of what nature decided. You’ll save money: Lab-grown diamonds are typically around 15% cheaper than mined diamonds. In fact, their price per carat has fallen by 45% in just two years alone. You’ll help protect our planet: With an increasing amount of people looking for alternatives to diamond rings, it’s important we help reduce human impact on Earth by reducing our reliance on mining resources.

Embrace technology

The end result of all that crystal growth in Harry Winston’s lab is an astonishing diamond. To top it off, technology has brought down the cost of growing diamonds so much that they are now within reach of most people. With many companies offering lab-grown diamond rings at prices comparable to natural stones, there’s no reason not to choose one. So let your partner decide if he or she prefers a synthetic gemstone or something more natural — either way will still convey your love and appreciation!

Ways to Surprise Her

Shopping is an act of love. And when your loved one gets home from work, what would be more welcome than dinner on table and (surprise!) surprise gift. Getting that wow reaction doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive—you can pull it off with just a little thoughtfulness and creative planning ahead of time. Here are some ideas you can use for almost any budget, just by paying attention to your loved one’s style and interests. Even if diamonds aren’t her thing, odds are she’ll still impressed by these ways to show you care


When you want to buy a special gift and something that is of exceptional quality, it is best to look at some other choices besides conventional diamond rings. Perhaps one of those choices would be lab grown diamonds. In addition, if you are concerned about environmental issues with mining, then using lab-grown diamonds may be your only alternative. The fact is that no matter what your motivation may be, buying and giving a lab-grown diamond can actually bring great joy into your life and help strengthen your relationships with others as well. I hope you will see some value in these three reasons why I feel buying a lab grown diamond ring may just make sense for you!

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