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Hair transplantation is a medical treatment where the experts move hair to the bald patches of the scalp. We recommend it for those who have not been successful in other hair treatments. Medical specialists such as dermatologists are responsible for hair transplants or other hair treatments. Hair professionals require high-quality surgical tools for smooth and reliable treatment. During this process, there is the need for grafting on the area with better hair growth, which is called the donor site. Most of the time, it is available at the back of the head. Once the treatment is complete, the hair will start to grow on the hairless patches. Peak Surgicals offers a wide range of hair transplant instruments required for a Hair Restoration Procedure.

Here is a list of hair transplant instruments available online:

  • Sapphire hair blades/knives: The head knife helps cut down the hair follicles. It is made of titanium, which is as hard as iron. A professional hair transplant doctor can only use it. Users must sterilize it after every use. Clean and wash it carefully to avoid any stains sticking to the surface. It is so sharp that it works perfectly without any tissue injury. It is made up of stainless steel, which is ideal for microsurgery.On the other hand, the blade is a better choice, according to many professional dentists.
  • Extracting forceps: It is a durable surgical tool used during the transplant. It does not damage any hair, so it is a safe pick. The main job is to extract the grafts. It comes in different sizes and thicknesses.
  • Towel clamp: It is made of 11cm stainless steel and aids in holding skin tissue during hair restoration.
  • Sterilization box: To sterilize any surgical instrument is an important thing to do. It is better for the patient as well as for the staff and doctors. The fixed box comes in different shapes and sizes so that all dental instruments can be easily sterilized according to size and weight.
  • Hair Implanter Follipen: During hair transplant surgery, implanter follipen is the ideal hair transplant instrument to implant follicular units in areas with no hair. It is not necessary to punch inside the skull so that the specialist can place the graft.
  • Needles Anesthesia tool:

Before starting any hair surgical procedure, the Needleless Anesthetic Injection Device is used to produce digital anesthesia. The most significant benefit of a Needleless Anesthesia Injection Device is that it eliminates pain and suffering for the patient, which is why it is a popular choice among both patients and medical professionals. This device, which the hygienist can apply directly to the critical area before beginning any surgical treatment, can be utilized for those with zero pain threshold or who usually do not tolerate sensitivity.

If you want high-quality hair transplant instruments online, you must consider Peak Surgicals. They are known for top-notch hair transplant instruments online. Visit the website and look at the discounted deals and a wide variety of surgical tools. You are a professional doctor, and you require tools that are perfectly manufactured.

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