List of Friendly Ideas for Low Budget Travelling

Travelling is among the luxuries of life, allowing you to relax, unwind, and forget life’s troubles. It is the best way to study cultures, countries, diversity, and languages. When you are in a foreign land, tasting their local special broth can sometimes feel like the epitome of happiness. With travelling, you learn to communicate better and learn new languages. As you meet new strangers on the way, you make new friends and improve your socialising skills.

Travelling is a perfect way to grow better as a person and build confidence. Discovering a new place and meeting people of new cultures makes the entire experience extremely fulfilling. It doesn’t take more than one incredible trip to start wondering how you can see the rest of the world and visit all the gardens. Call it travel addiction or wanderlust, but it’s incredibly hard to shake once you have the travel bug!

Unfortunately, the travel cost is one of the hitches leading to the cancellation of plans. Did we just burst your travelling bubble even before it was fully blown? Oops! Nothing to worry about, though! We can help you estimate the costs for your next adventure and ways to execute it on budget. So, dig in!

How to Estimate Your Travelling Costs for the Next Adventure

Travel enables you to see the world differently and become more compassionate, tolerant, and adaptive, creating a positive change for you in the long run. So, if the travel bug bites you, don’t try to suppress it – satisfy it anyway!

While there are countless travelling opportunities for the students, the types of expenses they’ll need to consider when budgeting for travel doesn’t vary too much. Following are the basic travel to consider when making a budget:

Visa and Passport cost (depends on the country)

Airfare (why not take the not so familiar or new air company)

Food (try small carts, locals and keep a budget for handbag snacks)

Local transportation (city transport and regional travel)

Activities and sightseeing (try free pass places first)

Accommodation (a bed space or local hotel will save you much)

Medical energy expense

These are the main travel expenses; remember there is a hidden cost to almost everything when travelling to an unknown country or city. Doing your research first and talking to experienced people or a travel guide before embarking on your journey is always a clever step. Read on to find some useful information to assist you in this regard.

Tips and Tricks for Travelling On Budget

Check out the following tips and start packing because you are going places soon (how exciting is that!).

1. Save Little by Little

It’s one thing to say I will put some money aside every week for my travels. And it’s a different or, say, difficult thing entirely to delve into your savings account and figure out what were you saving for – I mean, there are savings for college, the latest PlayStation, and/or some rare edition of your favourite book (depending on your interest). The point is that the travelling budget can easily get lost in all those other ‘savings.’  

What’s the solution, then?

Separate your accounts and make mini-goals for concrete travel expenses, such as air tickets or saving enough to cover a new travel backpack or perhaps a new pair of boots is a good idea. Save so that when you leave for your trip, you should be able to have your monthly rent and deposit paid before the departure. Smaller targets will help your larger financial goal seem more practical and achievable.

2. Make A List, Divide your Income Accordingly

Make a chart and add all monthly credits to the income section. This trick will help you a lot. Apart from your job, why not try freelancing, babysitting or tutoring your neighbour’s kid to earn extra bucks. Fill in the blanks with any earnings you have.

Add them all up, and this is the starting point. Not quite what you expected? Take on part-time work or look for other methods to supplement your income. If you are a Starbucks fan, you should break the habit; having it daily is fulfilling, but if you have it three days a week and save four days of money for your travel, you can have Starbucks while watching the sunrise at your favourite destination. Try this trick, maintain your income, and visit Hawaii in six months!  

3. Grab a Trip Partner

While travelling alone is an experience everyone likes to add to their list, we’re on a budget here! A hostel is a terrific option for lone travellers, but most travel packages are built on double occupancy. Yet, it is true that sharing a room with a stranger could get uncomfortable for many people.

If you feel weird about living in the same room with a stranger, why not convince a relative or a friend to share your adventure? It’ll be double the fun and less the cost. You guys can share rooms, buy rides in packages, get “buy one get one free food” discount options and much more. So, what are you waiting for? Find a travel buddy.

4. Pick a Destination According to the Budget

It would help if you chose a destination that fits your budget. Consider the expense of lodging, transportation, and other activities beforehand. Based on all of the charges, you’ll be able to find an economical vacation. Some people consider flight fares that can be changed, and some consider places that offer local sightseeing. Find what attracts you the most but keep it within budget.

5. Consider Local Transportation

Just a heads up: navigating a strange country’s map might confuse you. And getting lost in a new country is not even an option; it will possibly give you a headache, and you’ll have a bad vacation – not to mention the amount of money and belongings you put yourself at the risk of losing.

So, one way to counter this is to use the local bus system, metro, or any country’s transportation. Avoid cabs, uber service or personal transportation. It only adds to your cost. After a few rides on the metro, you’ll be fine and reach your destination merely at a minimal cost.

6. Find Free Activities

Find some free activities to pique your interest. Why not go for a walk and visit some of the free local galleries, stroll through the local botanic gardens, soak in the ambience of a street market, or snap some photos somewhere interesting?

Avoid being taken in by greedy group tourism organisers and go for a tour led by a local — ask at your hostel’s reception or look online to find one. You often get free refreshments and a much better view of the city at the top of some local mall. Otherwise, if you can’t get away without spending a little money, be cautious of what you’re buying and consider whether it’s necessary.

7. Volunteer at a Pet Show or so

Volunteering at a show in your dream destination can help you save a lot of money. You will be provided with free lodging and, on occasion, meals. Interacting with locals provides an unforgettable experience, as you will receive insider information on the best places to visit. You will be responsible for flight fees as well as personal expenditures.

8. Pack What you Need

Carrying large luggage is inconvenient when travelling, and it may also cost you more money per flight. Before arriving at the airport, check if extra luggage would cost anything if you plan a vacation with many flights. Sticking to a carry-on can keep you from overpaying for unneeded souvenirs that won’t fit in your bag.

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Moreover, there will certainly be street sellers in the vicinity, especially in important tourist destinations. Eating food from a street seller is a great option if your daily budget is low. Make a note of local carts famous on social media to buy food from.

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